In Memorium Of
William Montague Cobb, A.B., M.D., Ph.D
Physician, Scholar, Teacher, Civil rights Activist

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About the Institute

The National Medical Association (NMA) launched the W. Montague Cobb/NMA Health Institute in December 2004 to develop, evaluate, and implement strategies to promote wellness and eliminate health disparities and racism in medicine.  The Cobb Institute conducts data-driven research, makes policy recommendations where appropriate, and serves as a resource for NMA members and the greater healthcare community. The long range vision of the Institute is to become a preeminent repository of information about the health of African Americans.

The dream of a Health Institute, which would add breadth and depth to the programs of the National Medical Association, took almost ten years to plan and expedite. Many organizations, commissions and institutes include the elimination of health disparities as one of their primary goals.  The Cobb/NMA Institute and the NMA occupy a unique place for addressing the long-standing problems of health disparities. For decades members of the NMA have acted as the primary “safety net” providers for the medically underserved. With this vast experience in providing both theoretical and practical expertise in prevention, research and treatment of disparities in health and healthcare among ethnically diverse populations, the Cobb/NMA Institute is poised to assume a leadership role in this arena. 

The challenges facing our great nation are vast and mounting. Health disparities remain a major national concern. NMA members play a significant role in improving the health status and increasing access to treatment and care for African Americans.

The Cobb/NMA Institute will utilize existing data as well as initiate ground-breaking research protocols, which will assist those physicians treating patients who have traditionally been underserved.  In so doing, the Cobb/NMA Institute and the NMA will seek measurable and sustainable outcomes.

NMA History:

The National Medical Association (NMA) is the leading advocate for quality and parity in medicine and the elimination of disparities in health and health care. Established in 1895, the NMA is the collective voice of more than 35,000 African American physicians and the patients they serve.  NMA is committed to its mission “to advance the art and science of medicine for people of African descent through education, advocacy and health policy, promoting health and wellness, eliminating health disparities and sustaining physician viability.” The work of the Cobb/NMA Institute will assist the NMA to improve the quality of health among minorities and disadvantaged people. 

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